A hand-shake.


I’m not the type to give myself to strangers. I’m an introvert, and a sufferer of social anxiety severe enough to keep me from leaving my rabbit-hole. Even starting a blog is a step into the light for me, because it means that I have to connect with you, my reader. So why am I doing it?

I’m quickly making progress with discovering who I am as a woman, and as I grow out of the stage of life where I had decided that I only got along with men [a nice disguise for the fact that I wanted male attention, not company], I have realized how much I yearn for female companions. I’m feeling empowered in my femininity and embracing everything that comes with it. The freshness with which I now live is bringing me to want to share the experience. And as much as my Fiance is wonderful and loving and fascinated by femininity,  I can only go on for so long about make-up and how cute that blouse is with those jeans. But lucky me, he still listens.

Then there is the question of what women talk about- is it all kittens and Sam Edelman pumps? I’m actually not sure! But what I want in a shared discourse doesn’t entirely revolve around superficiality, as fun as it can be. I want the best of both worlds; enrichment with a side of lipstick. So I want to use this blog to share with and inspire the women who read it. Especially those of you who share the same introversion and ache for companionship.

A little about myself:
I’m a chubby [voluptuous? plus-size? phat?] half-Armenian 21 year old from Southern California, who has suffered in San Francisco [and can therefore read Vollman with a tear], and redeemed herself in Michigan. I’m an analog photographer, a darkroom-user, a film writer, and a has-been painter. I love my newfound feminism which seems to be manifesting itself in makeup and pretty dresses and freedom in thinking. As if my body yearned for dress-up and riot grrrl music after depriving myself for so long.

I’m Samantha, nice to meet you.


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