Michael Haneke drinking games


Starting off some new reading! “On Michael Haneke” is a collection of cinematic essays regarding controversial filmmaker Michael Haneke. My loving fiance gifted me with this book on Christmas; I’ve been after it for some time now. P started me off on a long journey into painful watching with “The Seventh Continent”, Haneke’s debut film. In his usual fashion, the film addresses the middle-class with a bleak, disturbing, and systematic destruction that won’t allow for mercy. In many films I’ve seen that tackle the class struggle, it’s a duel between two parties; poverty vs. middle-class, struggle vs. comfort; Whereas “The Seventh Continent” and many of Haneke’s other films seem to challenge bourgeois against itself, to reveal the emptiness of home comforts and the coveted ‘functional’ family.

His style is almost clinical; executed with a sterile precision that cuts exactly where it needs to. And as a warning before you go watching it; P. also challenged me to a drinking game the night I watched the film….a drink for every time Haneke kills a kid or an animal. Spoiler: I was pretty drunk by the end of the film.



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