Review: Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Foundation


My first review is on a foundation I’ve been using for a while, though I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with it. Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush is a mousse-style foundation that is dispensed through a aerosol can via pump. The idea is that the insertion of air into the formula, when sprayed, creates a fluffy whipped texture that will give you light to medium coverage and no heavy caking. HOWEVER. I would like this formula much better as a non-mousse liquid; I like how thin it is for the amount of coverage I get, and frankly the air in the can is not what I want to pay for. When using a brush, the mousse falls flat and applies like a thin liquid anyways, so you see my point.


Starting with a fresh face so you can see how marked up my skin is. Sorry about the hair scarf, I had my hair in flexi-rod curlers [love those things].


You can see the mousse-like texture here, though I’d say it’s more like frothy redi-whip. +1 point for the dispenser, very easy to keep clean.


I prefer to use a dense blending brush, specifically the one made by real techniques. Their brushes are pretty great for the price. You can see how thin the foundation is; any pressure and the air bubbles pop to reveal that it’s just a runny liquid formula. This color is one shade too dark at 030 [nude], which means that I need to buy the lightest color they make. I’m seriously that pale.


Here you can see I’ve blended the foundation onto the left side of my face. The coverage looks very natural, hence my love of the runny formula. In my experience, the thinner it is, the better it blends. My only other qualm with this stuff is that I tend to get oily after a few hours, but they do make an oil-free formula which might help with this. My skin is combination on the drier side, so I’d say get the original formula only if you do a lot of touch-ups through the day, or if your skin is quite dry.


And here is the finished look! The foundation looks fairly natural, with just enough “dewy”. All in all, I like this stuff, but I’ve yet to find anything as good as the Diorskin Nude foundation that I had to stop buying due to the $60 price tag. In fact most of my reviews will cover drugstore/inexpensive cosmetics, because with the exception of the above, it’s all the same.

Rating: 3.5/5

Most similar to: Dior Airflash

Would I buy it again? Only if I can’t find anything better in this price range!


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