Macaron fingers and milky jello


I’ve had a desperate craving for french macarons lately, as trendy as they are. Having wanted to be a pastry chef from the age of 5 to 15, I can appreciate the culinary finesse and patience [I lack both] it takes to make them. Alas, I am broke and in a remote place that has zero demand to match the supply of macarons. Queue spoilt first world exasperation.

So instead of calories, I had nail polish. They show up a bit darker in the pic, but oh well. The colors are from left to right:

Lime Crime Peaches and Cream

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Golden Rule [my fav polish]

UO Nail Laquer in Girrl Like You

Loreal Nail Color in Bubble Bubble

and Lime Crime in Once in a Blue Mousse

After drooling over my candy coated nails, I was on a desperate search for some dessert. I found jello, evaporated milk, and a few pears. Grocery shopping isn’t until friday, obviously. So I made….

MILKY JELLO [with optional anthropomorphic whipped cream]


I don’t know what the fuck happened here, so move on to the next photo in which I happen to be drinking coffee and casually pondering the next topic.



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