Three makeup reviews: two now-empties and bouncy makeup

I need to catch up a bit on my reviews, so I had to apply makeup right before bed, which is a waste. Oh well. I wanted to start the review with a much loved BB cream from the Korean brand Dr. Jart+. This brand has hit the mainstream and can easily be bought at Sephora or the like. I’m glad I gave the brand a second chance after trying the more popular water fuse BB cream. It slid off my face, oxidized into oomph loompa colors, and caused me break-outs. However, after sampling “Black Label Detox Beauty Balm” in a birchbox I got, I as hooked. This is my second empty so far.


This poor bottle has been through too much. Oddly enough, it looks like a squeezable tube but it’s actually hard plastic. The packaging is very hygienic, and you can break it open once it’s nearly done to get the last bit of product out.


The product is medium thick. It looks a bit yellow, but I have cool undertones and it works well with my skin.


You can already see how nice the coverage is. It’s a very lightweight fluid with the pigment of a heavy foundation.


Here I am, bare-faced, in my sad little grainy camera.


Left side [my right] covered. I feel like the bb cream matches my skin better than my skin does -_-


Fully covered. Two pumps was enough for my face and neck. only problem is it gets a bit oily in the t-zone with no touch-ups.

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I buy it again? Yeah, but I want to branch out a bit so I might wait a while.

Next up! Applying to my freshly covered face: Maybelline Bouncy Blush

This stuff has had a lot of attention recently, probably due to the odd consistency of the formula. I’m not sure if maybelline made up the idea, or if TonyMoly started it, but they’re both pretty similar. The shade I have is pink frosting.


I use this stuff on and off. I like it, but I always end up using my nyx cream blusher instead. It’s not that I don’t like this stuff- it’s just nothing spectacular enough for me to remember that it’s there.


I tried to push my thumb into it to give you an idea of what the consistency is. The best way I could describe it: Play Doh. It’s not exactly ‘bouncy’ but It isn’t overly squishy.


Without blush!


With blush! See the difference? It does add a nice glow, and I’ll admit I look good in candy-pink.

Rating: 3.5/5

Would I buy it again? No, probably not. It’s more of a novelty than a must-have.

Lastly: One of my all time favorites. I have had this tube of lipgloss for far longer than I should have. It just never happened to run out until now. I seriously don’t want to admit to just how long this has been around.


Smashbox Lip Enhancing Color in Smitten. I got it in a christmas set on black friday of 20** and I haven’t let go since. The color is a perfect pinky-nude without looking barbie. It isn’t overly shiny. It has no glitter. Those all equate to perfect everyday use.


Bare lips, all crusty-crust again. No amount of lip balm has saved me.


I’ve become so used to analog photography that I can’t use a point and shoot well anymore. But you get the gist. It’s a great light pink color that still looks natural. It smells delicious, but loses points for not tasting too good :<

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I buy it again? Finally, yes!

All together now!

makeup 6


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