Easy Galaxy Nails

I tried out another item from my shopko haul, and I love it!

Kiss Nail Dress in ‘Peignor’

It was $5.99 and if you really push it you can get 4 full manis from it.


The set comes with 40 strips, 20 are full coverage, and the other 20 are french manis! Application was pretty easy; apply the strips to clean nails [no base coat, it won’t stick right] and smooth it on. If you have very curved nails like I do, it might be hard to get it completely smooth. After applying, I brushed on Seche Vite top coat. If you can’t DIY the galaxy nails trend, then these are ideal!

*UPDATE: These wraps lasted well over ten days without peeling! I finally took them off because the edges began to chip, and when I tried peeling them off, it took a layer of my nail off as well ;_; I took a full day of filing, smoothing and buffing to get my nails looking acceptable again. So, maybe I’d still use these with a basecoat underneath.


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