Photoshoot Sneak Peek


This photo won’t be included in our gallery show, but it will give you a good idea of what I’m shooting! I spent my Saturday in the Art Center attic setting up and shooting still lifes for a piece I call “Still Life in Motion”. It goes with the idea of our show, which is the photograph as a cinematic still. We’re hoping that we’ll have enough material by the end of March, but we had better get our asses moving -_- I’m excited to shoot a roll of 120 film that I picked up from a local antique shop. Who knows if I’ll get an image, though. It expired in 1977. It could be fantastic, or it could be a grainy mess. We shall see!  Au revoir!


4 responses to “Photoshoot Sneak Peek

    • Thank you so much! I actually have a thing for dust and water spots on film; in fact, you’ll often find me doing worse to my negatives….soaking in hydrogen peroxide, scratching off emulsion, painting toner onto it. Ha! I like the idea of an imperfect photo, because I want people to view the photograph as an object and not a piece of art that tells a story. I’ll post some photos from that 120 if anything comes out : D


      • I suppose that the most important part for me is not the content of the photograph, nor the story it tells; but instead it is the object I make it into. A hair or a piece of dust is clearly not a part of what I shot, but it is a part of the photograph that I printed. Some may see it as a mistake, but I leave it intentionally to remind the viewer that a photograph is essentially a piece of paper covered with emulsion. A negative is a piece of plastic, that can be dirty : ] I have said before that if a viewer should ask me what the meaning of my photograph is, I should reply with “It’s a piece of paper taped to a wall, what sort of meaning do you think it has?”


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