Loreal Colour Riche Balm in Dragonfruit and Vineyard Peach- my new Holy Grail product!


So my shopko haul ended up being half-duds, and half oh-my-god-I-wish-I-had-bought-more. These two are in the latter category. I really am loving Loreal’s line of balms. I have three right now including these, and all three have become holy grail products. Although one stands out from the three, butI’ll talk about that in a second. These two are from a limited edition line [cry ;_;] called ‘Pop Shades’ which is apparently only four brightly colored shades that Loreal introduced a while ago. Which means it might be too late for you to buy now. But I did look for you, and here’s an ebay seller that has them! That might be the only option.


Anyways, on we go!


So, the left side is ‘Dragonfruit’ and the right is ‘Vineyard Peach’. It seems a bit odd because dragonfruit almost has more of a peachy shade in the tube! But put it on, and it makes a huge difference. Dragonfruit is a hot, hot pink that goes on so sheer you really will only see a brighter version of your lips. And Vineyard Peach is a perfect pinky-peach color that I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to live without again.


starting with dragonfruit! It’s really such a gorgeous pink shade with just the right amount of balmy glossy shine. It’s very moisturizing as well. I’m finding more and more that I like sheer colors as opposed to full on lipsticks.


This is Vineyard Peach. The differences are subtle between the two, but this one brightens my lips much more and fits neutral skin tones better. It’s so fresh and young and goes with anything! Seriously going to try and find an exact match for this stuff, since it’s only a limited edition shade. I even bought these on clearance for $5 a piece, maybe they’ll have some hiding somewhere? Sigh.

Rating: 5/5

Would I buy again? Yes yes yes, if I can find it again! If you see it, grab it quick!


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