Revlon Nearly Naked review


Continuing reviews from my Shopko haul, finally! To be honest, I actually have this foundation in a different shade [ivory] and since this was on sale for $4, I thought I ought to try a shade darker since the ivory makes me look a little ghostly. Not to mention, I’m almost out of my first bottle, so you know this review will be a thumbs up already!


It’s so weird, my hands look warm-toned here, but I totally have neutral-toned skin. The shade here is called ‘Vanilla’, a sort of neutral pale. This color actually matches my perfectly toned Diorskin Nude in shade 021 ‘Linen’. It’s so hard to match my skin, so I was obviously very happy. You can see that the formula is a bit runny, but not at all thin. I’ve seen this compared to Urban Decay’s Naked foundation in both coverage and fluidity.


See how thin it is? Me likey. Again, the color seems off on my hand for some reason…must be lighting.


CRIPES my face looks awful today! I’ve been sick this week and it shows in the redness and bags! But, all the better to test foundation with, no? The right side obviously has foundation on it. I only used a thin layer applied with a dense face brush and stippled a bit to make the texture natural. It looks great, and feels lightweight on my skin. Very breathable. Even ow as I’m typing, I’m noticing how my skin doesn’t feel suffocated like it normally does 5 hours after applying! Yay! I don’t need concealer, either which is nice.


Full face, enlarged a little so you can see the texture. I’m falling in love with this foundation quickly, I think it might be my favorite revlon foundation. This was before setting it with powder, so you can see the formula is what I’m going to call a ‘natural matte’. It covers up my oily face without looking like I am choking in powder. Another plus. All in all, I really like this and I think it’s a good alternative to foundations like UD’s Naked, MUFE’s HD Foundation and even *gasp* my Diorskin Nude!!! YES, no more spending $60 on foundation.

Rating: 5/5

Similar to : UD Naked, MUFE HD Foundation, Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup

Would I buy it again? 100% yes!


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