And the macaron race begins!


So I kind of agreed to make a couple hundred macarons for a dessert auction on Friday. Am I crazy? Yessir ;_; I just finished making the little flyers to go with the macarons showing the flavors and price :>

I’m starting tonight on preparing all of the fillings and pre-bagging my almond meal and icing sugar mixture into batches. I need to make this as easy as I can and processing almond flour is not what I want to be doing when I should be baking and filling the shells. On the plus side, I actually bought proper almond flour today so I wouldn’t have chunky ugly macarons like I did previously. I’ll tell you it wasn’t cheap, but I really wanted to challenge myself here. The packaging I’m using for the macarons are going to get here THE DAY BEFORE. So I have an 11 hour workday, after which I will come home and mix and bake macarons shells until probably 5 a.m. I’ll sleep until 10 and set off packaging somewhere around 500 macarons.


Here was a test set I did, luckily I won’t have spotty macarons like these since I have blanched almond flour that doesn’t have skins. 


Mmm, green tea with azuki filling!

Unfortunately, these were a bit over-mixed, so the shape isn’t perfect. But I’ve since done better and I think I’ll have some pretty decent macarons up for auction :> Off I go!


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