Loreal HiColor in Magenta review

Oh boy, ladies and gents. I have a very, very bad review for you today.


I have been wanting to change my hair color for a while now. Wanting to avoid damaging my hair with bleach, I decided to go for a dark red. I figured this would also be a good color for my hair since I’ve been dying black since I was 13 and I knew it would be hard to do a lighter color. So after reading many, many reviews and watching tons of videos pointing towards Loreal’s HiColor as an option for very dark or dark-dyed hair hair- I bought some online. We don’t have ANY beauty supply stores up here, so if Walmart doesn’t have it, I don’t have it. I ordered this plus Ion Color Brilliance dye in 4IR to use after I lifted the color with the magenta so I could get a more proper red tone. After nearly 3 weeks of major shipping problems [shame on you, Sally Beauty supply] it finally arrived.

I bought two bottles of this and a huge 16 oz bottle of 30 volume developer to ensure I had enough to cover my hair. I have very thick, long hair and I soon realized I needed 3 boxes of the color lift. Oops.

Problem two- It is VERY thick. Not easy to apply. But I had just enough to cover my whole head, though it wasn’t as saturated as I would have liked. I figured it would be okay if it came out a bit patchy since I was going to re-dye after lifting.

I have a bit of regrowth all around my scalp [have not dyed hair for two months] so I made sure that I applied to my roots last. I went through my whole head in sections, covering every last bit of hair. I then finished by working it into the shaft all over with a pair of gloves. Warning: This stuff BURNS your skin. I got a little on my fingers- ouuuuch.

SO, I left this on for 45 minutes AFTER applying all over my head. with application, it must have been on for 1 1/2 hours. Seems like it should have worked. I wash my hair out, and started to worry. Looking at the ends of my hair….black. I thought maybe it just stayed really dark and would look lighter after it dried, but here was my result:


Oh my god. I have to go to work like this tomorrow. Bright red eyebrows, and ONLY my regrowth was dyed. I even made sure to only put a small amount on my roots. Holy. Crap. SOOOOOO…..a warning for everyone who has dyed their hair a long time- don’t even try highlighting with this stuff. And definitely don’t do your whole head, despite how many awesome results everyone else on the planet got ;_____; I am going to saturate my hair with a major conditioner tonight and wear a beanie to work tomorrow. I’ll pick up some bleach from Walmart and bleach my whole head minus roots, then apply the ion color brilliance dye. Big lesson learned here? Don’t dye your hair the night before work ._.


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