Going red, step two


Apologies for the grainy photo :<

In my last post, I gave a review on what was SUPPOSED to lighten my hair without bleach. Sadly, ’twas a myth. So I went out and bought two boxes of this stuff, since salon-style bleach isn’t available up here:


I bought two boxes, plus and extra box of the platinum blonde bleach in case this didn’t lighten enough. However, as you can see above, it did pretty nicely. It works the same as the salon style blue powder bleach, but it comes in a convenient little kit. The bleach also comes with a bottle of oil that you add to moisturize your hair while you bleach- this worked wonders for me. My hair feels super healthy despite the fact that I used the Loreal HiColor on Saturday night, and now did a whole-head bleach. I was very worried about losing hair or having crunchy hair, which is why I tried to avoid bleach in the first place. This lightened my hair about 4 levels when left in for the time directed, but you can leave it on even longer for lighter results. Be really careful around your roots; I had some platinum blonde patches which are luckily hidden with my bangs.

My hair is Ronald McDonald red right now, which is okay because I’ll be dyeing it a nice wine red tomorrow. I really just needed a light enough base to get a pure color, so this should work fine! I give this product a thumbs up for it’s moisturizing qualities and the amount of lift it gives + convenience. Will check in tomorrow with more reviews, and my final hair color!


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