Ion Color Brilliance in 4IR [Medium Intense Red]


Finally! This is what I have waited weeks for. After one color lift, one full-head bleach, and lastly a dye-job. I had originally wanted a vibrant dark red, so I decided to go with Ion’s Medium Intense Red:


My hair was originally dyed black, which I had done for almost 10 years now. I just recently got the urge to make a big change and decided that a cool red would look best with my clothes and my complexion. Being broke, I also decided to do it myself. Having reviewed the other products I used to achieve this color, I’ll skip right to this particular dye. I used the recommended developer with this: 20 volume Ion Sensitive Scalp developer [which, I wouldn’t say is for really sensitive scalps, it still burned like hell]. I bought two bottles of the liquid color, which mixed with 4 ounces of developer. This made for nearly a full cup of liquid, and because my hair is thick AND long, it wasn’t enough. I barely covered the top left side of my head, which luckily got just enough to be colored. If it hadn’t, it would’ve been a huge disaster as I had to order all this from Amazon and it took FOREVER to get here. Even still, my hair looks a bit uneven.

The mixture was slightly thin which made it easy to apply, and surprisingly it didn’t drip.

Now here’s where I had trouble: when my hair was bleached, it was lighter near my scalp and the mid-length and ends were darker. BUT as a whole, my hair was still very light. After applying the Ion dye over my bright red hair, the ends turned NEARLY black. Which was surprising.  But it ended up giving me a cool sort of reverse ombre look, which I’m okay with.

All in all, the color is not as bright as I had hoped. It is very brown-burgundy, rather than the so-called ‘intense red’. My advice is go to a salon, it’ll be quicker and you won’t have to deal with all the work.


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