NYX Butter Lipstick in ‘Hubba Bubba’


Yet another product from the 2014 line. NYX butter lipstick is suppose to be a creamy lipstick that melts onto lips. Sounds yummy, no?


The formula is shiny [but not glossy] and almost soothing, like a balm. I chose the color ‘Hubba Bubba’ for it’s proximity to Lime Crime’s ‘Babette’ which has developed a cult following.


Hubba Bubba is just a wee bit more blue, which actually usually works better on my skin. However:


Bare Lip


Wiiiiith lippie.

I don’t know if I like the color. I’m really not sure how to wear pastel lipsticks, and it kind of makes me feel like a barbie. However, I’d say this is pretty similar to ‘Babette’ so it earns points for being a dupe. Maybe if I get used to the color I’ll really like it. The formula is nice enough, but I feel like it settles to easily in fine lines, plus it doesn’t last long. Meh.

Rating: 2.5/5

Similar to: Lime Crime in ‘Babette’ or ‘Coquette’

Would I buy again? Probably not.


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