NYX Butter Lipstick in Sugar Wafer *New Product*


This is the second color of butter lipstick I bought, which for some reason only gave me blurry photos :<


See? Blurry. My camera sucks. It almost looks orange in this photo, but it’s definitely got some pink in it.


Bare Lip


I REALLY love this color. Which surprised me because out of the two, I was more excited about ‘Hubba Bubba’. On their website, sugar wafer is simply described as nude. This is one of the best nudes I’ve ever used, actually- the color doesn’t wash out my face, and has no brown whatsoever in the color which is almost always in nude colored lipsticks. The formula rubs off really easily, unfortunately. So this is probably better left as a sheer daytime look, not for a night out at the club. [Do people go clubbing anymore? Yuck.]

Rating: 3/5 [loooove the color, hate the wear time]

Would I buy again? I don’t know, I’m really in a love/hate relationship with this stuff right now :<


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