NYX Lip Primer in Nude *New Product*


Rolling out another product from NYX’s 2014 line!

“Instant gratification for your lips. Create the perfect canvas for lipcolor with this texture and color enhancing superhero. Ensures that lip product lasts and does not go outside the lines. Somebody get this product a cape!”


So, when I bought this product, I was hoping that it would work to conceal my lips a little bit so that I could do gradient lips without using foundation. As NYX stated about, it ‘creates a perfect canvas’ so I had assumed that the color of the product would transfer to my lips. Buuuuut this was not the case:


Bare Lip


With primer.

So you can see it makes your lips just a TINY bit lighter. It goes on almost like a thick silicone filler, with provides a smooth base. But if your lips are flaky at all, it will look nasty. Despite this, I actually ended up loving this product. I applied a gradient lip after using the primer [foundation on outer lip, lipstick on inner lip] and it stayed for a loooooong time. I kissed P, drank coffee, ate food, and it was still there. Typically my lip color doesn’t last long at all. So this product ended up being a winner.

Rating: 4/5

Similar to: Bite Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer

Would I buy again? I want to try it out more, but likely a yes!


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