NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss Set in Kiss the Stars


I’ve been eyeing this set for some time now, having wanted to try all three colors from the line separately, until I found out that they all come in a set together for only $10.00!


The shades are [from top to bottom] Natural, Sugar Pie, and Beige. The tubes are much bigger than I expected! Tons of product in them.


Plus the tops of the wand caps have these adorable little bows on them ‘O’


I’m just going to accept the fact that a cheap point and shoot will never be in focus. Sigh.


I decided to try beige first, since that is the one I was most excited about. [Sorry about my nasty nail polish :<]


Bare Lip


GAAAH. It’s soooo pretty. A perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade. It imparts just enough pink, and it isn’t shimmery, which I like. The shine is just enough as well. New favorite!


Next up: Sugar Pie!

[see above photo for bare lip]


This is more or less just a clear gloss with little bit of gold shimmer. It reminds me a little bit of Revlon’s Colorburst gloss in ‘Peach Bellini’. The color is described as a frosted light peach. It’s a thumbs up, but not my favorite.


So this is really exciting for me- an old holy grail product can now be replaced for half the price. Above, I am holding the color ‘natural’  next to a previously reviewed smashbox lipgloss [in smitten] that I have had FOREVER. It’s about time to throw it out, and I’m not afraid to do that now that I have NYX’s dupe.



The top swatch is NYX, the bottom is Smashbox. The only difference here is that NYX’s version is a bit thicker and therefore lays down more pigment. But essentially, it looks the same.



This is definitely a keeper. Yet another perfect natural color. I like that these glosses aren’t overly shiny since I don’t like my lips to look like an oil slick. The gloss isn’t sticky, yet it takes forever to come off. Even after rubbing with a cloth, there was still a nice shine left on my lips. All in all, this set gets and A+.

Rating: 5/5

Similar to: Smashbox lip enhancing gloss

Would I buy again? With pleasure! I might also use this as a future gift idea :>


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