NYX Rouge Cream Blush in ‘Tickled’


So the first product of my NYX haul is one I’m very excited about! Since it’s winter, I’ve been sticking with creamy formula to keep my skin from looking dry or flaky. I’ve used NYX’s cream blusher before, and it became one of my daily products, so I thought I’d try a new color. I used to like the peachy gold color of Nars Orgasm but I’ve long since used it all up. I saw this and it looked like an exact dupe!


The color is a bit pinker than the picture I took, think pinky-peach.


The top is one layer, the bottom two. However I think that on cheeks, less is better but I wanted a more opaque showing of the tone to give you an idea of the true color.


Bare Cheek


With blush.

This actually gave me the same color of Nars Orgasm, but in a cream formula. It is very easy to blend, but it does lose points for being a bit unsanitary.

Rating: 4/5

Similar to: Nars Orgasm Blush

Would I buy again? Yep!


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