NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose


I’m ALMOST done reviewing my NYX haul. I’m really excited to start with my beautynetkorea haul, so I’m trying to get through these :> I’ve used quite a few of NYX’s round lipsticks before, liking them for their stay-put formula and cheap price. NYX still remains one of my favorite brands because they seem to have very reliable formulas. The color Tea Rose is described as a ‘muted plum with blue undertones’. [Another thing I love about NYX- they reallllly do well in describing their colors so buying online is less scary]


The swatched color definitely comes out as a dusty rose type of color, but without having too much orange.


On lips, this is a very pretty rosebud color, very nude but not washed out. It’s a more mature pink, one that you can wear to the office without looking like you’ve got barbie lips! Tres chic!

Rating: 4/5

Would I buy it again: Certainly.


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