NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul


This is the first matte lip cream I’ve bought. They’ve been very popular lately, mostly known from brands like Lime Crime or Too Faced. However, being cheap, I wanted to start with the ever trusted brand NYX.


The color ‘Istanbul’ is described as a ‘clean pink’. Though it looks a bit peachy in the photo, it has some blueness to it.


Bare Lip


With Lip Cream

I like the color, though it’s not what I expected. But it’s nice enough on my skin tone that it works. However, the formula is where I get hung up. I think this lip cream might be better used in the summer time, when lips aren’t so prone to flakiness. This sticks to every line and flake. However I think it might work with the NYX lip primer underneath, despite the fact that I’ll feel like my lips are suffocated under this thick formula AND primer. The color is very opaque, and the silky feeling it leaves is nice, but once it wears off, it’s quite drying. I think I just may be more of a sheer/balm type of lippie gal. I’ll try this as a gradient lip, maybe and see if I like it better that way.

Rating: 3/5

Similar to: Lime Crime Velvetine lip Gloss

Would I buy again? Probably not.


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