Korean Cosmetics Haul: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review


I wanted to start with this review first because I promised my mom I’d let her take an item from my haul since she’s been interested in Korean cosmetics too. She used to be an esthetician/ make-up artist at some famous salons in the 80’s so you can see why I have a deep-rooted love of makeup, ha. In her later years though, she seems to have lost interest in new products because she just doesn’t know what to buy anymore, so I always give her hand-me downs or send her new products on occasion. Lately I’ve been trying to get her to hop on the BB train since I don’t think heavy foundations look good on older skin [plus she is completely freckled, which is part of her charm, but she covers it up! Weh.] So I wanted to try this out before I sent it to her in order to see if I personally wanted a full-size bottle :]


This is the 20ml size bottle. I purchased this from beautynetkorea.com and it arrived fairly fast! It was $6.66 and they have free shipping with no minimum [I believe, I don’t remember a minimum on my order.] And actually, I just took a peek again at the store and the prices are really great; shops with free shipping usually have insanely inflated prices, but beautynetkorea is pretty cheap! I highly recommend them. The only thing I don’t like is they have a smaller selection, but for people just starting with Korean makeup, they have everything you need with a less confusing navigation.


Oh, Engrish. I think we just don’t have a large enough range of words for other languages to properly translate. This cream is essentially anti-wrinkle and whitening. The most common benefits in Korean BB creams.


This stuff is actually pretty thick! It kind of caught me off guard because I thought most Korean BB creams had more of a ‘watery’ effect. I was wrong! This is shade 21, and for beginners: Shade 21 is the lightest shade and shade 23 is the darkest. Both have a yellow/ neutral undertone, and both oxidize to a shade or two darker than right out of the bottle. I’d call 21 a light medium, 23 is a dark medium. These are the ONLY shades that Korean face makeup comes in with a few brand exceptions. weird, huh.


So far, so good. The shade looks like it’ll match my skin. The formula isn’t pasty, shimmery, or watery. Huzzah!




With BB cream.

Hmmm. I was worried at first- the formula looks greasy on my skin, but the coverage is great. This is after the formula oxidized, so it’s only a tad darker than my chest. I asked P if he noticed and he didn’t. However….


I used a setting powder in hopes of it toning down the shine; SCORE. It looks sooooo nice with the setting powder. The powder blurred my face a bit so that I had a nice silky finish. FYI I use Ben Nye Neutral Setting powder, which comes highly highly recommended.

Look at the difference:


Without powder                                                   With powder

I went on wearing this throughout the day and had no oil control problems, and the BB cream stuck to my skin all day. Score 1 for Korean makeup. This will replace my expensive Dr. Jart Detox BB Cream, yay!

Rating: 5/5

Similar to: Dr. Jart Detox BB Cream

Would I buy again? Will be ordering full size soon!


3 responses to “Korean Cosmetics Haul: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

  1. I love this bb cream! I have lightest shade – #13 milky beige and use it for almost a year. You’re right, without powder it can look greasy but after it’s awesome, great coverage and feels light on skin. I really like to check reviews on this one to see how it work for other people. :D
    And 20ml lasts for a month – 2 months, but when I bought full size in april 2013 it lasts a 7 months (november – december 2013) but I still have someting inside. I think your mom will be satisfied with this bb cream. :D
    a little blue panda


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