Korean Cosmetics Haul: VOV Showcase Ball on Cheek Review


This product caught my eye, mainly because I’ve been searching for a Guerlain Meteorites dupe for a while now.


Holy shit, the Suri Cruise thing cracked me up. Either way, that petite Korean girl at the top of the ad seems quite rosy, no?


As stated, there is a cute ribbon puff thing. But I hate ribbon puff things, because it never made sense to me to puff my makeup on. I’d rather use a brush. As a side note, I’ve had that line from Billy Elliot stuck in my head for days now: “Jus’ becoos ah lahk bally dusn’ men ahm A POOFF.” Ha. Did I translate the accent right?


Lift up the puff and you have the balls that make up the name “Ball on Cheek”. Heh. Balls. They seem pretty pearlescent, which I’m okay with. As long as it isn’t fuckin’ glitter. Oh, by the way- this shade is called Bebe pink.


Another close-up of balls. [heh]


Here is my cheek, un-blushed. Wearing my new favorite BB cream: Missha Perfect Cover BB.



It took me soo many layers to just get this much to show up. And there is hardly ANY color. On top of that, it doesn’t even make a good highlighter, since I can’t even get the shimmer to transfer on my brush. I’m thinking that I might need to swirl the balls [heh] around for a bit just to loosen up the powder. I don’t know. But so far, this is a dud. A very cute dud.

Rating: 1/5

Similar to: Brushing air onto my face.

Would I buy again? Never ever.


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