Secret Key Snail+EGF Repairing Mask Pack


This is actually one of the samples I received from the lovely Alice over at W2beauty!

It’s my first sheet mask and man, I could not wait to tear into this thing. Except..wait. Snail. I know, I know, snail mucus is big in Korea. And really, only cultural context gets in he way of me using this comfortably. The french eat snails, Koreans wear snail slime, I accidentally step on them going down the sidewalk then start screaming as if I had just lost a foot. [Which I might as well have done, as I suffer self-to-foot rejection in the wake of that creepy-ass snail crunch.]

So I had to kind of prepare myself mentally for this. I started noting  gross things I’ve done before to compare how not-bad this would be. There was that time I accidentally drank my best friends spit out of a beer can, and the time I ate pregnant fish on a stick, and the time I went to the Philippines and just LOOKED at Balut, and the other time in the Philippines that I accidentally swam in a sewage outlet and had a 3 hour ride home in a crowded jeepney with 10 other people who swam in the same water. I also ate guinea pig once, but that didn’t taste awful.

So…processed snail slime didn’t seem bad. And it wasn’t.


There was plenty of fluid in the pack, and the smell was OK. I’ve noticed a lot of powdery/ floral scents so far in my Korean products, and I’m more of a gourmand type of gal, but that’s okay. The fluid in the pack was slimy, to my horror. *Just think about that time you fell on petrified dog shit in San Francisco* I said.

The mask fit okay. It definitely is made for an Asian face structure. Wider across with lower set eyes, a shorter nose, and  plumper lips. Metaphorically, I felt like an A cup in a C cup, which is a nice change because I spend most of my days feeling like a D cup in a B cup. [Busty girls holla]


I left the mask on for thirty minutes. It clung well, much like a snail to stucco. I experienced an odd tingling sensation while wearing it, but I checked my skin for redness and I seemed okay. So..when it came time to take the mask off, I picked up the packet to see if I should wash it or not. Since it’s all in Korean, I used the picture prompts. Easy enough, no?

Step one: Cleanse face. Check.

Step two: Unfold mask. Check.

Step three: Test mask on back of hand for reaction. I did not do this because I like to live dangerously  I’m lazy.

Step four: Put mask on face! Check

Step five: Put mask on face? Hold mask on? Mayday, mayday!

Step six: Mask is now skin. It was all a trick, the snails infused themselves into your body on a molecular level and you now must eat low-sodium foods for the rest of your life. Hands seem to have been petrified in the last three steps, resistance is futile.

So I took my best guess and washed it off. Results? Not bad. My skin felt moisturized, and kind of supple. Skin looked very bright, which I was happy with. But there was no additional softness or lasting results. I vote this as one of those special spa day items, best for using just for temporary moisture.

Rating: 2/5

Will I buy again? It was nice as a sample but I wouldn’t pay for it.

Did I laugh at my own jokes in this post? Unfortunately I’m still laughing.


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