It’s Skin Citron Peeling gel


So I’m not really going in order here- this is from haul #3. I just wanted to use this stuff today before I put my makeup on, so I figured I’d just do the review now. This tube of gel-ish cream is a peeling gel. For those of you who have never heard of that, it’s very popular in Korea. Peeling can refer to any type of exfoliant in a Korean product [ such as a grain scrub] but this specific type actually claims to ‘peel’ a layer of dead skin from your face. But let me tell you now, that is just as big a lie as those vibrating weight loss machines that came out in the fifties. Let me show you how this lie works:


It’s actually pretty fluid, and maybe less a gel/cream and more of an emulsion type texture. The smell is awesome but that’s kind of a biased opinion because it smells exactly like those moist towellettes you get at El Pollo Loco and I think those smell awesome. As a kid I would seriously steal them just to wipe all over my body because it smelled like a mixture of fresh lemons and pine sol. Yeah, I was weird. What’s weirder is that I also ate about 1/4 of my foam mattress topper as a kid; so again, don’t take my opinion as truth.


I hate my acne scars. But I’m not here to whine. I’m here to provide truth and justice and such.

So this is what happens when you rub the formula on. Almost immediately. You  get these rolled up pieces all over your face and that grossed out reaction because you never realized that all this dead skin just sat on your face like you’re a zombie from the walking dead or some shit.

But guess what: that ain’t skin, pilgrim. They are actually just rolled up polymers. Plastics, essentially. Suspended in a quickly-absorbing gel so that when you rub it into your face, all that’s left is this liquified polymer formula that balls up in your fingers. Don’t believe me? Squirt a little in a ziploc bag and use the sides of the bag to ‘roll’ the formula. You get the same little pills. And last I checked, ziploc bags weren’t made of human skin because that would just be too damn metal.


So I washed my face, thinking that I just wasted $6 bucks.






So soft, that I questioned the polymer theory. The ingredients proved me right, so what could it be? Well I don’t know. I’m assuming that the gel itself has acidic contents that do in fact work to remove dead skin [albeit not in the amount that polymers lead you to believe] and the polymers provide a gentle scrub. So butter my ass and call me a biscuit, it worked in a way. You can kind of see above that my skin isn’t flaky. And it has been so nasty considering that we have been running temps around 40 degrees below freezing and that doesn’t even include wind chill. I don’t have a winter mask so my skin is just hating me right now. And this peeling junk actually helped me. So I humbly rate it below:

Rating: 4/5 for making my skin soft

Will I buy it again? I want to try other brands, but yes, you will see me buying peeling gels in the near future.


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