Korean Cosmetics: Haul # 3 [Will it ever end?]


So, technically speaking, this is haul number four. I ordered this much later than the other three packages, and I am absolutely surprised at how fast it arrived. The site I ordered from was Koreadepart, which I had given up on originally after a very annoying paypal problem. But that turned out to be paypal and not the site! Which I found out after ordering products from other websites. Which I regret becausssse:

Koredepart charges around half [or less than] the price of every other site I’ve seen, with the exception being roseroseshop which doesn’t ship to me address anyways. But Koreadepart is around the same price. I am going to outright recommend this as your go-to Korean cosmetics site because:

1. Super, super cheap.

2. Shipping is fast- around 2 weeks to get to a remote peninsula in Michigan.

3. Selection is IMMENSE. They have so much, and tons and tons of off-brands that are fun to try.

4. They carry more than just makeup! Lots of fashion goodies.

5. Again, PRICE.

So what is the one con of ordering from Koreadepart? SHIPPING. The reason other sites aren’t cheap is because they often provide free or low cost shipping. [If they don’t and they are still overpriced- run away!] Koreadepart has pricey shipping. However, there is a way to make their prices work to your advantage. Koreadepart ships through registered airmail up until the package weight hits 1500g. You can view the weight as you add products to your cart to monitor how much shipping will be.


Okay, so say you have 1200g in your cart. You’ll be paying 23.14 for your shipping, so you can divide by how many products you have in your cart to see what the actual cost per item is. 23 divded by 8 products, and you’re paying almost $3 per item. That cheap $2 lipgloss that you don’t really need is now a $5 investment. [I’m fucking cheap, jeez].

However, add more to get yourself up to the 1500g limit, and you still pay the same for shipping. But the cost per item for shipping is now $1.50. Basically, don’t buy the large box unless you intend to fill it! If you have less to spend, try to keep it at the max amount of items per that category of price. This ended up being very cost effective for me.

Yeah, I can’t do 5th grade algebra but I can figure out shopping mathematica no problem. Figures, huh?


Back to the haul! I’m really happy with all the products I ordered and I can’t wait to give you all the reviews. This week will be a review onslaught because I’m so behind.

From left to right, top to bottom:

It’s Skin Citron Peeling Gel

Too Cool For School Milk Tint in Milky Pink

It’s Skin Strawberry Jam Eye Cream

Saemmul Chok Chok Cake Balm in Persimmon and Red Velvet

And a baggie of samples!


Still laughing at the fact that a company would name a product Pearl Bay Invasion. What the hell, man.

“And you should try the Rwandan diamond highlighter too!”


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