Review: Etude House Eye’s Cream in Vanilla Moist


Continuing on through this serial review adventure, we have a pukingly adorable product: Etude House Eye’s Cream! This comes out of haul #1 from beautynetkorea. I overpayed for the product because I thought it would be cheaper since I didn’t have to pay shipping, but you can buy this for around $7-8 from Koreadepart which I advise you do, even with the shipping cost.


Yeah- this is really cute packaging. I have a problem with not throwing away well-designed packaging. It’s like being a hoarder with good taste. As you can see I got the ‘Vanilla Moist’ formula.

Oh, by the way this is an eye cream. I kind of thought the name would give it away.


The ingredients list and description. Looks like there is no shortage of fruit oils! Glycerin would be the moisturizer here, and it also contains hyaluronic acid, which in this case would work as a mild exfoliator to help brighten eyes.


Out of the package: Still cute. It comes in a twist-up style tube which is actually pretty handy.


Lid off- the product is transparent and solid!


I pushed the product all the way so you can see how much you get. It’s actually not bad, since it only takes a small amount to cover the eye area. However with price taken into account, I’d say this is moderately priced for the amount of product you get.


You can only very slightly see the product- I had to take a picture fast because this stuff absorbs quickly. It has a really unique feeling- on your skin it feels like cold water, but when you touch it, it’s kind of sticky, like a serum. I think it may contain a tiny bit of mint, which would be why it feels so refreshing, but it definitely doesn’t burn. It feels really moisturizing. However, this feeling doesn’t last. It is soon soaked into skin and I see no difference in the eye area. Maybe it takes time? Maybe I’ll be really grateful that I used this stuff in ten years when my eyes look bright and unwrinkled; or maybe it’s just a mediocre product. I kind of like putting it on my lips, but it’s not so great when I accidentally get a taste. But I can’t fault the product there- eye cream shouldn’t taste good. But I’ll still use it as a lip balm and a morning eye moisturizer, and see how that goes. But for now, this is a ‘meh’.

Rating: 3/5

Would I buy again? Not likely


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