The faceshop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil Review


Kicking off a long string of reviews with a product from Korean Cosmetics Haul #1. This product started it all for me; I’m sure some of you have seen this viral buzzfeed article:

As much as I hate buzzfeed, I have to say this article is what informed me of a world of cosmetics outside my own. See, I had just figured that the major brands you find in drugstores and department stores were, well….what everyone else had. Asian Cosmetics were Shiseido, Dr. Jart, and Amorepacific. French brands are Loreal, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, and countless others. And so on and so forth. I didn’t think that something so big could be kept from us makeup-loving ladies- but oh, how wrong I was.

Moving on, I saw this product mentioned in the article and it was the first thing I wanted to try. I have been desperately looking for a cleansing oil in America since I began to run out of my Erno Lazlo pre-cleansing oil. It’s too expensive so I needed something cheaper. Plus it smells like play-doh. This is of course when I realize that cleansing oil isn’t really a thing here. At least not in my price range. So I gave up, until I saw this little beauty.


This comes in two types- Cleansing Light Oil and Cleansing Rich Oil. I opted for the light oil because I didn’t want my skin to suffocate. I figured if this wasn’t moisturizing enough, then I’d buy the rich oil. The bottle is a good size, I imagine it’ll last me around 2 months because you don’t need a lot. The bottle is very cheap if you buy from Koreadepart- around $8


There are no English instructions, but since I’ve used cleansing oil before I had no problem figuring it out- Apply to face, massage to remove makeup/impurities, and remove with warm water+ a washcloth. I actually started by using this product as a pre-cleanser like the Erno Lazlo stuff. And I thought “Hey, this works great!” until I used it the correct way- as an actual cleanser. Which then left me speechless at the results. So don’t soap your face afterward! Just wipe clean with a cloth and I promise your face will feel fresh! My skin was left softer than with any other cleanser/ wash I’ve ever tried. There was no oily film, and I think it actually helped my oil production slow down- when your face thinks it has enough oil, it will stop making it. So while it sounds logical to use drying products to sop up face grease, it’s actually better to find a light oil like this [which is similar in weight to actual sebum] so you can trick your skin.


See how light it is? It’s nearly water-like. I’m actually kind of amazed at the thin texture, since water and oil don’t mix. I checked the ingredients to see if what oil could be so moisturizing without being thick- the list shows jojoba oil and rice bran oil! So this is definitely an oil product.


And wait till you see this. From left to right I have a matte cream lipstick, a bright opaque lipstick, waterproof eyeshadow, cream blush, waterproof eyeliner, and mascara.


I pumped a few drops of the oil on my wrist- without rubbing, the makeup was already starting to disintegrate.


5 seconds of rubbing with my fingertips. Not a washcloth. Not a scrubber. My soft finger tips. These are waterproof formulas people!! And look what the oil did to it!


I then just rinsed it under warm water and rubbed it off with my fingers. One quick wiped from a washcloth removed what little oil was left. Look how clean that is! I can’t get over it. Plus I kept touching my wrist afterwards because it was baby-ass soft.

I also forgot to mention the smell. It’s like expensive designer perfume. I wish I knew the scent because I would seriously wear it all the time. It kind of reminds me of Versace Bright Diamond- but a little deeper, a little more mature. Yum.

So, I’m pretty much blown away by this product. My skin looks brighter after I use it, and I’ve actually taken to using it as a face mask when my skin is dry. The results are better than most actual face masks I’ve used. It’s great for sensitive skin, very gentle. I think if you want to try it out, start with the light oil, and get the rich if you need heavier moisture from you cleanser. All in all, this is an A++ product and I will be devastated if it is ever discontinued.

Rating: 6/5

Similar to: Love and rainbows and Kate Upton’s boobs and everything else that is good in this world.

Would I buy again? I will hoard this shit when the apocalypse arrives.


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