Review: Skinfood Chocosmoky Eye Palette and Mascara


Two reviews in one since these are from the same line! Skinfood released ‘Chocosmoky’ in december, I think. It might be limited edition as I can’t find anything on their site for it ;_; the products are a little costly but I’m a sucker for packaging so I bought it anyways. I think I payed $17 for the palette and $10 for the mascara? Yeezus. But I bought these from w2beauty, so shipping was free. Nonetheless, it was pricey.

I have no fucking clue what the saying means, but at least they wrote it pretty.


Reason #2 for paying a lot: the colors are gorgeous. It comes with three eyeshadows and a dark brown eyeliner. The colors go with the chocolate themed, which surprise surprise, is the scent of the makeup! But it’s like a fake chocolate scent, in the most nostalgic chocolate-smackers-lip-balm way possible. I like it :>


The swatches!

I was really impressed with the pigmentation! I was worried about Korean eyeshadows being too sheer since it’s a popular look in Korea. But these colors are gorgeous and true to the palette. Even the eyeliner is nice and dark.


I used the pink pearl tone on my lid, the light brown on my crease [halfway up to brow], and the darkest brown was used to define my crease and outer eye. I used the eyeliner as well and the staying power is good- around 5 hours before starting to fade. Even when it fades it gives you a nice smoky eye look.

Rating: 5/5

Will I buy again? Even though it’s pricey, the colors are perfect. So yes!

The picture above is without mascara, of course. So that brings me to:


The chocosmoky mascara! Which doesn’t share the chocolate scent but comes in a cute matching tube.

It comes in a dark chocolate brown and the wand is curved, which i mostly meant for a curling effect.


The formula is a little dry, but that is actually good news for those who suffer from spiderlashes. Dryer formula reduce clump and you’ll have less eyelashes stuck together.

So before I show you the results, I just wanted to mention that I was also worried about buying Korean mascara. I’ve heard nothing but bad about the formulas, brushes, and staying power. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to that:


Bare               1 layer                 2 layers              3 layers

Ummmm were you guys just trying to hoard the good stuff for yourselves??? This stuff is great! Look at my nearly false-sized eyelashes! They’re very dark too, which I wasn’t expecting from a brown formula.


With bottom lashes done.

This mascara gives you a very doll-eyed look. The curling power is great, and the formula doesn’t smudge.


Damn my lashes look good! This earns a place in the Holy Grail category!

Rating: 5/5

Will I buy again? I will hoard this like no other. It might b limited edition, so I’ll get a few while I still can.


4 responses to “Review: Skinfood Chocosmoky Eye Palette and Mascara

    • I haven’t tried Etude’s play color yet but it’s definitely on my list! As for the chocosmoky palette, it’s limited edition, so wise choice on ordering it ; D


  1. I’d be weary if ordering any etude house shadows. I own some singles and they suck. I am the biggest fan of etude house, but I have to be honest. I feel like everyone and their mother are trying to make chocolate bar pallets and naked dupes. They’re awesome. They can’t be duped. I actually want to go and swatch their palette now. I’m hoping it’s good unlike the singles I have from them.


    • It’s true, there’s a massive onslaught of neutral smoky palettes out there now! It’s nuts. But It works for me since I’ve always stuck with browns and taupes on my eyes! I’m still trying to convince myself to buy the Naked palette. I mean, it’s the ultimate palette and sure, you find a few shadows that match here and there, but after all said and done you end up spending more on these various single eyeshadows to match the naked palette! Sometimes duping isn’t the best choice. I was super worried about Korean brand eyeshadows because they all look way too sheer, and while I don’t want overly strong colors, I want enough to show up. So I’ll take your advice and skip on Etude House eyeshadow :>


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