Review: Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Mist


Before I start this review, I’d like to say that this is essentially a stupid product. It is literally water in a spray can with added vitamins.

So why did I buy this?

I like to set my makeup after powdering my face. Powder makes me look chalky and I prefer looking slightly dewey, but that leads to makeup sliding around. UD makes a really great setting spray but it’s so expensive. And MAC’s fixer was awful. So I put water in a spray bottle and I’ve been using that with success.

So that is my justification of buying $8 water in a can. Plus it’s cute.


It actually comes in a literal spray CAN, not just one of the pump spray bottles. This actually awesome because it produces a finer mist.


I can’t find the ingredients in English, which is too bad because I’d like to see the vitamins and extracts that are included, as stated.


When you spray it with a little distance, you get a nice fine mist, hardly visible except for a bit of a sheen.

When you spray it up close though…


Big beads of water and..stuff. I guess the white is the vitamin part? I dunno.

No bueno.


Before spray                                                              After spray

Yeeeeeah. There is hardly a difference. You can see some water on my face, but if I spray to much it beads up. This was a waste for sure, and I’ll be saving this to put in the fridge during summer time to spray my face at night when I’m too hot -_-

Rating: 1/5

Similar to: Evian Facial Mist

Would I buy again? Nevvvvver


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