The Saem Saemmul Chok Chok Cake Balm in Red Velvet


Before you ask, yes, I bought this purely because it has a picture of cake on it. I am definitely one of those people who falls for food themed non-food items. Popsicle keychain? Want it. Macaron lip balm? Want it. Haggis handbag? Let’s move on.

This was a part of the Koreadepart haul, and it cost me a measly $5. I bought two flavors, this one being Red Velvet. While I’m not a fan of red velvet cake, the color looked luscious. Especially with oxblood lips being so popular- or is that over. I like them anyway.


So it looks a waxy style balm but melts instantly under your finger. No need to put pressure on it. You can use a brush if you don’t like using your fingers to apply the product.


It’s very smooth, almost gel-like. Pigmentation looks decent, but the color is a bit pinker on skin than it is in the pot.


However that doesn’t matter because the color is quite pretty! You definitely won’t need to apply any chapstick before you apply, this stuff is mega moisturizing. Color lasted long, around 3 hours which is great for a balm. It leaves your lips with a tint once it rubs off, and it even smells like chocolate :] No flavor, but I guess that keeps me from licking my lips!



I can’t pucker my lips without doing a crazy eye look. It’s like it pulls my eyes open or something -_- but the color is nice, no?

Rating: 4/5 [minus one point for being lighter than I thought, though color is still nice]

Would I buy again? Most definitely!


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