Must See Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment


So I know I didn’t finish my other haul reviews yet, but I really wanted to use this last night and I wanted to give you a review from my first time trying it.

“Specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent, this highly concentrated treatment restores and reinforces brittle and damaged hair, preventing future breakage and leaving your hair extraordinarily strong, soft, silky, and manageable.”

I had read about this stuff a loooong time ago when I was a teenager and I read shojo beat magazine haha. I’ve wanted to try it ever since, but never got around to it. So lets see how it rates:


My hair before.  It’s not in terrible condition, but it ain’t pretty either. Before bed I showered, then put the treatment in my damp hair and braided it. Then I went to bed.

So the next morning I woke up too late for work, and I didn’t have time to wash it out. I left my hair in braids and hoped for the best. But something strange happened! The conditioner absorbed into my hair and left it non-greasy. Maybe a bit flat, but I didn’t look like I had conditioner in my hair. Joy of joys, I didn’t look like I had a 90’s hair gel fest before I left for work.

So this is my hair post treatment:



No, my hair was not styled for either picture. Both are just on my natural showered hair. But the second photo, you can clearly see what a difference it made. Same chunk of hair. I can’t even see my split ends! WHY COULDN’T I  HAVE THIS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Jeeeez. I think I’ve found another product that I’m going to hoard. I don’t have the money for this, damnit! I wasn’t expecting such amazing products. The smell of the product just smells like a floral conditioner, nothing special. You can see the consistency here:


Just a very lightweight product. I really love it. The cost is decent; Around $6 from Koreadepart, or $8 from Jolse. Will be buying more!

Rating: 6/5 [Better than Kerastase products I’ve used.]

Would I buy again? Fuck yes.


5 responses to “Must See Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment

      • I think I shall actually. Since my hair needs regular trims after I did the opi free cause and the bicarb turned my beautiful mane to absolute rubbish. I have it down to my boobs again, but there are will splits here and there. It could’ve been down to the hollow of my back. I will reach my goal. I will not give up. ;). I’ll post a blog as spins as I can get my hair on this stuff thanx for the heads up.


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