Review: Elf Prism Eyeshadow in ‘Naked’


Taking a break from Korean makeup, I decided to revisit a product I haven’t used for a while. Elf Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Naked’ contains 6 shimmering eyeshadows in a neutral color. Now the first thing I think when i look at this is “Wow, that looks a lot like……”


Kat Von D’s Saint Palette! I don’t own it however, so I can’t compare formulas. But if you do a little research on google, they seem to be close dupes. The Saint palette does contain two extra shades, though. I paid $5 for my elf palette but that was on a 50% off studio sale which elf does constantly. Otherwise it’s $10. So maybe wait until they have the sale again before buying.


So you can see that my palette is definitely used. But not that much, actually. The formula is a bit…loose and made a mess everywhere. While that does provide a better pigmentation on your eyes, it’s messy in the palette. But for the price, that can be forgiven.


Here are the colors swatched, all one layer. These are definitely shimmery, some of the most shimmery I own. You can see the colors are somewhat bronzy. For the sake of ease, lets imagine that they are numbered 1-6 in the order I have shown above.


I used #2 on my lid- it’s almost a gold color. #4 was applied on my crease and blended towards my brow bone. This is a bronzy-brown with gold flecks. I applied #6 in my crease, moving into a wing at the corner of my eye, then connected in lining under my lower lashline. This is a taupe with gold flecks. I also applied #1 right under my brow and at the inner corner of my eye for a highlight. I am wearing mascara I don’t like here, and it smudged on my lid ;_;

Overall, this palette is worth the money. The colors, though shimmery, can be worn easily in the day. My only real problem is that I need to wear a primer for it to last long enough. The formula is somewhat loose and with fall on my cheek while applying, so that’s a bit annoying. But for the price, I do like the colors and the shimmer that it adds. It also gets points for being a dupe!

Rating: 4/5

Similar to: Kat Von D Saints palette

Would I buy again? Maybe. It’ll take me a while to use this one anyways.


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