Review: Too Cool for School Milk Tint in Milky Pink


Continuing on with my haul reviews, I wanted to show you guys a pretty cool product from haul #3. I was super excited to try this because A. It’s cute, B. It’s a tint [I love tints] C. It’s food-themed, which is cute.


Is this not adorable??? And it was only $5!! And it’s quite large, but you can’t tell in this pic.


Tints are all the rage in Korea, being that they provide a natural, young, and glowing look to lips. This milky tint is a peachy bright pink with a creamy consistency. And the smell, my god, the smell. It’s as if you mixed nesquik strawberry milk powder into sweetened condensed milk. It’s delicious.


See how creamy it is? I’m used to lip tints being more gel-like or liquid. But this is really nice. It definitely doesn’t have the consistency of a lipgloss though- It’s kind of watery? Like a watery gel milk. Ha.


After absorbing. You can see the spot it left. It’s very light, but you can layer this stuff for a darker look. I couldn’t rub this off my hand and even after I took a bath, it’s still there. So this is definitely a long-wear tint. But since the color is so natural, that won’t matter.


Crusty Crust lips



Applied to inner lip for a gradient lip. Doesn’t show up too well this way, so I tried full lip:



Definitely better. But overall, I’m not especially impressed. Thing is, I really like how watery and moisturizing this feels on my lips. And it definitely made my lips look better. So for $5 it was more than worth the price. I did order this in Orange to see if maybe that will show up better. Overall a good product, but nothing that makes me look amazing.

But then I took a picture outside in the very bright light of the sun:



Uhhh. Is that even the same color? This is why I need daylight bulbs in my lamps. I like the color very much under white lighting. Of course everything is covered in snow right now, so the light is different from the summer sun. Goes to show how lighting changes everything!

Rating: 4/5

Would I buy again? Bought some in orange!


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