Sample Review: Too Cool For School Blending Cream BB


I got this sample in my box from W2beauty and to be honest, didn’t care much about trying it. You can see why they call it ‘blending’- The cream is actually a swirl of essence and pigment. So I kind of figured this would be a dud, as the coverage would be compromised by the mixture of the two parts.

The actual bottle looks like this:



you can see here how it’s swirled. I have to admit that as much as the sample pack was cute, it was hard to squeeze out. But maybe that keeps it from mixing in the pack? I don’t really know what the reason is, other than novelty, to separate the two creams.


Blended. The color is definitely yellow-hued, which is good news for my skin. I’m surprised that the color wasn’t any lighter after mixing it with the white cream.


I look like fucking hell today. I’m sick and my eyes are just recessed into my head like no other. But for the sake of the review, you must see my bare skin.


Wow. Color me impressed. You know I’ve had so many positive reviews from my hauls that I actually tried to pick something that I thought I wouldn’t like. But that obviously didn’t work. The cream went on like a dream, and felt like a nice moisturizer. That tiny little bit from the sample was more than enough to cover my whole face. It’s definitely the most natural feeling bb cream I’ve used so far; I like that it isn’t a heavy cream, it’s a bit thin.


The texture up close looks like skin. Which is great. But it’s definitely a little too shiny for me to wear without powder.


Two hours later, with transparent powder and no touch-ups. You can see how nice it looks. It creased under my eyes a little, but that was the only problem I had with it. Also, I can’t do selfies right. Sorry guys.

Anyways, the full size goes for $15 at Koredepart. I will warn you that this is suited for paler folks- I used shade 21, but even shade 23 looks a little light.

Rating: 5/5

Will I buy again? I’ll order a full sized as soon as I can afford it!


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