My wishlist, a.k.a. things that I’m too broke to buy.



I’m terribly materialistic. It comes from a background in poverty that taught me that money doesn’t last; that paychecks are gone within two days of receiving them. That ifI don’t spend that money right away, it’ll be dwindled down by temporary things like food and outings. It’s really awful and I’m trying to break myself from this habit, but even if I do, it won’t stop me from wanting things! So without further ado, here is my list:

1. Tocca Meet the Girls Gift Set- Sort of. I was doing a little research and it turns out the perfumes are only 4.5 ml each?? For $62! That’s too much, and I’d rather buy the rollerball size of ‘Stella’ or the full size ‘Brigitte’. Anyways, I want this because each of the perfumes are made after female icons- No, no Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn [both were awful man-made actresses.]- Icons like the French Novelist Colette, or Federico Fellini’s wife Giulietta Masina, or [one of my favorite actresses] sex kitten Brigitte Bardot. The other scents include Cleopatra, Florence, Stella, Bianca, Graciella [after Grace Kelly], and Violette.

2. Jetoy Lovely Minuet Card Case- I need a new wallet so bad. Mine is literally falling apart at the seams and I wanted something cute to replace it! Jetoy is a Korean brand that makes some of the most adorable cat-themed stationary and bags I’ve ever seen. But it’s not too cheap! Though it’s still cheaper than say, marc jacobs. The best place to find these wallets is ebay, and there are many different styles.

3.Too Cool For School Glam Rock Palette- This is limited edition and I’m sure it won’t be around long. The set comes with tinted lip balm, a lip and cheek tint, eyeshadow and glitter, dual mascara and eyeliner, highlighter, multi-cover balm, and a lip tint. WOW. So technically, $40 is a great price for a full face palette. And look at the case! It zips closed and has this awesome Bowie-Manson-Idol mashup art on the front. With a bunch of silver glitter. Pretty cool, me thinks.

4.Cat Satchel- ‘Nuff said. It has ears. It’s from ebay. Need. Nao.

5. Contaflex Rapid w/ zeiss lens- I want this most out of everything. Unfortunately for you guys, the price I’m referring to is from a local thrift store that has it on sale. It comes equipped with an excellent Zeiss prime lens, but that’s not even the cool part. For all my analog freaks- do you ever find yourself mid-roll, wanting to change over to color [or bw] or needing an ISO change? Well this camera has interchangeable magazines. You can load your film up and change it to another mag when you need a film change. Prettty fucking cool.

6. My Beauty Diary Sweet Tea Time Strawberry Set- I’ve seen a few bloggers using the strawberry yogurt amino acid cleanser that comes in this set. I wanted to try it for myself, and this gift box is sooo cute. It comes with a full size and travel size tub of cleanser and eight sheet masks! Not bad for the price.


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