Review: Dermal Gold Collagen Essence Sheet Mask


This is yet another sample from W2beauty. The samples they sent are making me want so many products, and I’m toooo broke. This is the second sheet mask they sent, the first being the Snail EGF mask from Secret Key. And that one was pretty good. I’m starting to feel like I have too many positive reviews lately, but I’ve mostly been reviewing all the stuff from my Korean cosmetics hauls. Queue “A whole new world” and imagine me throwing confetti around whilst hugging creams and mascaras to my bosom. That’s how happy I’ve been with all this stuff. And I’ve been using makeup and skincare products for 8 years now, so I feel that I’m not fooled by the novelties of new things anymore.

Anyways! This mask contains nano gold, collagen, and vitamin E. I’m going to assume the latter two are the effective parts of the mask, as I think it may be debatable whether gold can actually change your complexion. However I’ve found that Korean collagen products are nothing to scoff at, they do some serious work, I tell you.


A very close close-up of my skin. Kind of horrified at how flaky/dull it is.


Can’t wear sheet masks without making stupid faces. i mean, I look stupid with it on, so might as well make it look like it was on purpose.

The sheet mask itself is SOAKED. There is a lot of essence on this thing. but the mask was solid enough to not rip when I unfolded it. It also fit my face fairly well. It was a bit wide, but not enough to go past my hairline. This mask is supposed to “nourish, brighten, and moisturize” so let’s just see.


So remember how I said the mask was soaked? I left it on my skin for 30 minutes and apparently my skin drank it up until it almost dried. I couldn’t keep it on my skin anymore. I thought maybe the air dried it out, but I sat in the bath and used it, so the air should’ve been moist enough to keep that from happening.


Up close results.

So I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a small crease in my skin up on my cheekbone. There was a fold on the mask and the little crease in the sheet didn’t come in contact with my skin. So apparently my skin took in so much of the essence that you can actually see some of the plumpness, which I would have only noticed by touch if it weren’t for seeing how my skin swelled up around that untouched crease. Weird, huh. It definitely made my skin feel great, I figured out you don’t have to wash your face after a sheet mask so I left it on and kept touching my skin and poking at my plumped cheeks. You can see minor brightening, and moisturizer took away a lot of the flakiness. I thought this mask might be kinda pricy, but it’s only $5 for 10 sheets on Koreadepart!! At fifty cents per mask, I could do this twice a week! Woot. I think I’ll send my mum a box as well, because I liked it that much.

Thanks W2beauty!

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I buy again? Absolutely : 3


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