What’s left of yesterday’s shoot.


Protecting my model’s nudity, of course. Always be careful of posting nudes online, as models have jobs and go to school just like we do. 

So you might have seen the little c-41 fiasco I had yesterday after a lengthy shoot. I was really upset over it, and still am. That said, I did have one black and white roll that I shot, so it wasn’t a complete waste. Our model Kirsti was very patient with us; throughout the shoot she was either handcuffed, tied up, soaked with cold water, or in some way pushed around. Major kudos to her for sticking with it.


These are good shots, however they are not the best of the shoot. Those shots are being held captive until further notice.


All of these were shot on my Canon A-1 on Ilford HP5 Plus.

That’s all for now. Au revoir!


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