Review: Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow AKA Bootleg Dior Lip Glow


There is no way in hell I’d spend over $30 on a lip balm, even if it does promise to give me luscious pink lips. That is just too damn much. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting it Dior’s Lip Glow. So being me, I went on a search for dupes instead. I actually wrote about Loreal colour riche balm in rose elixir being a good dupe, but I’ll tell you it ain’t as good as this.


Hm. Packaging looks awful familiar……


Oh yeah. It’s the same thing minus the $30 Dior logo. Hm.


Boy, this looks like the EXACT same product. Could it be a trick? This is actual metal casing, not plastic.


Photo is a little blurry, mah bad. You can see how it is an actual balm, and that the product is somewhat transparent.


After 1 minute                                                                                After three minutes.

Hmmm. Well this looks like it changes color on your skin. kind of like…DIOR LIP GLOW?!?!

“Formulated with color reviver technology, this silky lipstick reacts with the chemistry of your lips to create a special shade that will last all day.”

Mhmmmmmm. Yeah Dior, you got bootlegged hard.


See how pink it turns your lips? But it still remains natural looking.  Very moisturizing too; my lips were Gucci-Mane chapped before this photo.


After 20 minutes. It’s a bit darker, but not much. Still very moisturizing. Did I mention how much this costs?


$6.98 from Koreadepart.

Mhm. This is a PERFECT dupe for Dior’s Lip Glow. With a price difference of $25.02.

This is cheaper than Loreal’s sort-of dupe. Ya’ll better jump on this. Unless you want to pay six times more for a logo!

Rating: 5/5

Would I buy again? Forever and ever.


6 responses to “Review: Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow AKA Bootleg Dior Lip Glow

  1. I just ordered mine!! I was really surprised when I stumbled upon this product–a Dior Lip Glow dupe?! I had to grab one because I don’t want to spend $40 for a lip balm for sure. But like you, I still want one! Thank you for the review, it’s super helpful! Can’t wait for mine to arrive!


  2. Love your review! i just ordered this- and the orange one, because, yeah, orange- and thought I’d take a look-see if there were any reviews. Looks like I’ll be quite happy with my purchases!


  3. i just received mine 2day! i bought the pink and orange and i was so curious because of your review. I already have the dior lip glow and its my favorite lipbalm! Like everybody, i searched for dupe and nothing is really like the dior lip glow balm :/I think its worth every penny even if its so expensive . why? because its long lasting and u dont need much. anyways I tried the sephora one witch it claimeda to be a dupe for dior but it isnt because its doesnt mosturize and you have to re-apply every hour. Yes it does give some shine and vibrant color( btw dior is not as pigmented as sephora nor the secret key lipbalm too). As for the secret key lipbalm, as i said earlier the color is more pigmented than the dior , it glide super easily, feel nothing on the lips and the texture it definetely not the same as the dior its is more like oil/ vaseline feeling but very mosturize.Compare to the dior is more thicker but feels good not overwhelming. Both have unscented smell
    Would i repurchased the dior lipbalm? yes, because on my lips is more rosy natural
    Would i repurchased the secret key lip balm? Yes, for the price i would definetely and the color is so vibrant for the day i want to be pinker:)

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    • I’m glad you provided that review! You are very right, the Secret Key version is slightly brighter pink! For the price, some might not care much about the difference, but if you want a more subtle look, Dior is the way to go. Thanks : D


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