My list of best drugstore bath and body products!

I have been buying cheap drugstore stuff for god knows how long. Whether I’ve been broke or well-off, I’ve always loved a bargain, and where better to find one than in a drugstore! So from my years of frugal shopping, I give you my ultimate drugstore bath and body list!
1. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub- I cannot rave about this stuff enough. I’ve been using it for years and my shower cubicle feels naked without it. It’s a somewhat oily scrub, made with shea oils, sugar, and plenty of other moisturizers. The smell is KILLER. If you’ve been to downtown disney, it smells like the scent that wafts around the bakery/Haagen Daz/caramel corn carts. It’s a very sweet, sticky gourmand smell with the smallest hint of dark chocolate. As for it’s scrubbing abilities, if you suffer from chicken skin, this is your savior. I get it really bad on the backs of my arms and one scrub with this stuff eliminates it immediately. A large tub of this costs around $6 at Wal Mart.
2. Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. You can’t really find this at American drugstores, but you can easily order it on Amazon at drugstore price. Don’t let the mustard put you off- the smell is herbal, and somewhat medicinal. Don’t expect a glamorous bath from this stuff, it’s a heavy-duty detoxifier and will leave you exhausted after a bath. In fact, the directions recommend drinking a lot of water and wrapping yourself in blankets immediately after bathing. Definitely not a morning treatment :] $9.95 at
3. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Oil- Back in high school I lived next to Surf City, USA. AKA Huntington Beach, California. [Yes, we still kept that title even though Santa Cruz thought it should be theirs!]. I would not leave the house without smearing this all over my tanned legs. Think of it almost like an illuminating lotion; skin is left sparkling and the gel-oil smells like chocolate and coconuts, leaving you well-fragranced. The plus side of the gelatinized oil is that it’s much less messy than liquid oil-the downside is that it takes a little longer to dry than regular lotion. $6.95 at Walgreens.
4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream-  This one is a crowd favorite, and with good reason. The glycerin rich formula penetrates skin while also coating it for what I like to think of as an on-the-go paraffin treatment. This is the most protective formula I have tried, which comes in handy during windy, cold days. A little goes a long way and the fragranced version smells like pricey perfume. $4.95 at Walgreens
5. Smith & Co. Rosebud Salve- Another cult favorite that lives up to it’s fame. Made with surgical grade petroleum, cotton seed oil, and a secret blend of essential oils and botanicals, it is both moisturizing and protective against the elements. The slightly pink salve adds a nice glow and shine to your lips. $6.95 on
6. Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel- This is actually a new favorite of mine. Since wearing a set of nail stickers, my nails have been in poor condition. The stickers peeled the top layer of my nails off, and has led to a lot of breakage and a necessary nail polish hiatus. During those two weeks I used this once in the morning and once at night on both my cuticles and my nails. My nails are looking completely healthy now, maybe even moreso than before. $2.99 at Walmart
7. Freeman Beauty Facial Masks= Specifically the two I have pictured. The Pineapple Enzyme mask is an old favorite of mine. It leaves my skin glowing and helps to break down the dead skin cells that make skin so dull. The charcoal and black sugar mask, however, is a cross between a scrub and a mask. If you like Skinfood’s black sugar pack, you’ll like this. It combines heating, exfoliation, and detoxification to give you a thorough facial. The charcoal reduces sebum and pulls out impurities, which gives it an advantage over Skinfood’s version. $3.99 at
8. Salon Grafix Cleansing Conditioner- This is the ultimate Wen dupe. You might have seen the so-called loreal wen-dupes floating around but I own them and they are utter shit. They leave your hair greasy and flat. However, Salon Grafix has it down. It leaves my hair exceptionally soft, clean, and smooth. It’s a one-step product, so no shampooing needed. The only downside is that I don’t like the smell much, but some people might be okay with it. $6-7 at
9. Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Gel- Yes, I got the name wrong in the picture. I accidentally called it moisture surge, which is the Clinique product that this is meant to dupe. The moisturizer is especially nice during the summer months when you need to control oil, and don’t want to feel suffocated by heavy creams. Keep the jar in the fridge and apply cold for major refreshment!
10. St. Ives Exfoliating Pads- I used to use Philosophy’s exfoliator pads until I found these. It’s a scrub-free pad that reduces irritation by relying on acids to break down dead skin. It can be painful on acne, so I don’t recommend it if you have a lot. P even started using these because they cut through dead skin so well! $6 at WalMart
That’ll do it! I’ll make another one for my favorite drugstore makeup sometime, but for now I hope this helped! Happy shopping :3

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