Review: It’s Skin Strawberry Jam Eye Cream


Yes, I’m in bed. I was supposed to be at working right now cooking dinner for a group of rowdy elderly folks, but alas, I am sick. But what better a time than this to write reviews? Today I am showing you a pukingly adorable product: It’s Skin Strawberry Jam Eye Cream. First of all, look at the box. It’s so pretty that I can’t get myself to throw it away. Yet another box I will hoard. Shut up, I know I have issues.

Secondly, why is it call Strawberry Jam eye cream? Well…


A little itty bitty spatula. More cute patterns. Too much cute.


It’s a tiny. jam. pot. GUUUUH. The jar itself is very heavy and good quality. The lid is metal and it has this lovely textured label on it.


So this is the main reason I bought this. I wanted something moisturizing enough to cure my dried out eyes, but I also don’t like putting heavy creams on before bed because it makes me oily. But this solves both problems: A cream suspended in gel! The middle of the pot contains a core of moisturizing heavy cream and you use the spatula to blend the brightening gel. I usually blend as needed, Because it feels fresher that way.


Get a little gel and cream on your spatula. The sun went away :<


Put it on the back of your hand


And blend!


Absorbed. It definitely leaves your skin moisturized, and I’ve been using this around two weeks now so I’ve had a chance to notice a slight brightening effect. However that part is minimal, but I just wanted non-greasy moisture, so this product is good in my book. The only problem is that I’ve gotten it in my eyes a few times and it stings, but that’s more of a user error -____-

The smell is very light, so those who don’t like fragrance might like this. There’s just the slightest hint of strawberry and florals that goes away once absorbed. But it’s not like anyone’s going to be sniffing your eyes anyways.

Rating: 4/5

Would I buy again? I actually want a second one to keep in the fridge for morning de-puffing : 3


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