Review: Freeman Facial Polishing Mask


I was going to do this review last night because I was insomniating [I know that isn’t a word] and I was rather bored of staring at the ceiling. But then I fell asleep, apparently because it’s morning now! So here we go: Freeman Facial Polishing Mask with Charcoal and Black Sugar. This mask has been quite popular amongst bloggers and beauty magazines alike, and you can even see the little Allure stamp right at the top. I have always loved Freeman masks; I can remember buying them in foil pouches when I was a little girl and I thought I was so cool because I could make my face pretty like mums. I’ve since begun buying these in tubes, and at $3.99 a collection is easy to amass.

This mask would be my second favorite [next to the pineapple enzyme mask!] and one of my top drugstore beauty products, mentioned here. I was actually interested for a bit in buying Skinfood’s black sugar mask, but this is half the price and contains charcoal, as well as a heating element. So Freeman it is! Let’s move on-


Simple enough! The package doesn’t mention that the mask heats up on your face, but not unbearably so. The heat relaxes pores to allow the mask to better penetrate skin.


The texture is hard to explain- it’s a bit like a liquid paste, not too hard to spread. It has tooooons of sugar in it so this is definitely a heavy exfoliator. Sugar is a humectant and contains AHAs that are great for skin. I think the sugar in this mask really keeps the charcoal from being drying, and a mask that has cleansing AND moisturizing properties is good in my book!


The sugar blobs up a little when wearing, but that doesn’t matter since you’ll be using it ten minutes later to scrub! I actually left mine on for twenty minutes and it didn’t dry my skin out. My face felt so fresh and clean after using this, not to mention baby soft! I’ve even noticed that my face is less oily this morning. I really love this mask and I would recommend any of the freeman masks as being exceptional for the price. For $3.99, you can afford to have multiple spa days each week ; >

Rating: 5/5

Would I buy again? I’ve been buying since high school and will continue!


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