Review: Etude House Face Designing Brightener in Pink Beam


I’m finally getting to the last items of my hauls. I think this was one from which I didn’t like very much. Another reason why? I didn’t order this.

I actually had ordered the Etude Bling in the Sea brightener that looks like this:


But, since the only difference between the products is the lid design, I let it go. And actually, I didn’t do enough research when I ordred this because I thought they were a cream style highlighter, not powder. Oh well.


This made a huge mess when I opened it. This is after cleaning it up.


To my surprise it made all that mess while having a plastic seal on it! What the fuck, yo. Where did all the powder come from?? Comes with a useless powder puff. I hate powder puffs.


The color and shimmer actually aren’t bad. It’s not disco-ball chunky glitter, just enough to give a sheen. Since the shimmer is pink, it also gives a blushed look.


Without                                                             With

It’s barely noticeable, but that isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a kind of nice sheen. Not bad.


It actually looks really nice over blush. I’m wearing Etude House Cupcake All-Over Color in Peach Sugar Cake. I’m really starting to like it. As for the brightener, I’m a bit up in the air. I like the product, but not the packaging. The packaging is so bad, in fact that I think it might be my dealbreaker :<

Rating: 3/5

Would I buy again? No, I think not.


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