Gelatin for Blackhead removal? *Gross*


I’m warning you now, if skin gunk freaks you out, leave the post. I grew up with my mom telling me some real nasty esthetician stories from back when she worked at salons, so I’m used to all the nasty stuff. Plus, almost everyone deals with skin problems, so why be ashamed?

I had heard about this on pinterest being described as an alternative to Bioré strips. Bioré works on me well enough, but it is insanely expensive. Like $14 for 6 strips? Something like that. I’m cheap.

So I decided a few months back to test it out. I’ve been using it ever since and I refuse to spend money on Bioré. This is cheap, more effective, and easy.

“Mix 1 tablespoon of powdered gelatin and 2 tablespoons milk in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for about 20 seconds and apply to nose area. Leave on until mask has fully dried. Peel off.”

Easy enough.


The mask will be syrupy-thick when mixed. Now let me get started on a few warnings.

Number one: This is definitely not vegan or vegetarian. If you didn’t know that and you are either of those things, you fail.

Number two: This mask hurts like a motherf*****. Imagine pulling a bandaid of your whole face. A bandaid that has gripped every single hair and penetrated your pores, grabbing all the gunk with it. You thought Bioré strips were painful? This is worse. The plus side is that if you find it too painful, stop pulling and just wash it off.

Number three: It’s stanky. Not quite barf-inducing, but it smells like farm animals on a hot summer day. That’s why in the first picture, you’ll notice I have a bottle of essential oil next to the other ingredients. I added a drop of blood orange oil to cover the smell.

Number four: Apply it thickly, lest ye be picking tiny pieces off for hours. This has happened to me, and it definitely ruins the effectiveness of the mask. Apply the mask in thick layers, three seems to work for me. Apply it evenly, otherwise it won’t dry evenly.

That said, even though it’s painful, smelly, and finicky, it works. Let me show you:

Prepare for gross.


My nose flakes all the time. Always has. Considering that it sticks out of my face like a lighthouse beacon, it gets the worst of the wind and bad weather. Also, my skin is in bad condition. Being stressed and depressed leads me to forget to wash my face, so the last few days have been bad skin days.


Apply it. I apply to my entire T-Zone since that’s where I get the worst blackheads. Try to avoid your eyebrows [if you get a little on, just wash it off, don’t try to pick it off] and definitely avoid the delicate skin around your eyes. I didn’t apply very evenly here so I went back and fixed it.


Let it dry. It drys clear and shiny. your face will feel like a rock, you won’t be able to move any facial muscles, and don’t laugh, whatever you do.


Start peeling. Do you see all the nasty little comedones on there?? This was from my forehead. GUH. So gross. But it’s satisfying nonetheless.


After! Skin is much clearer. Keep in mind this may not reach the really deep blackheads, but it will clear up the nasty surface ones. If you need deep blackhead removal, see a professional for extractions. Wash off any bits left, and you are good to go. This mask makes your skin very soft; the milk contains lactic acid that loosens up dead skin, and the gelatin peels it right off your face. I always feel super clean after using this mask. If you’re brave enough, try it out :>


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