Review: My Beauty Diary Aloe Sheet Mask


The second review from the ‘My Beauty Diary Top 7 Kit’. The first mask I tried was the Bird’s Nest Mask which I was NOT happy with. So, attempt number two is the aloe mask, described as:

“…natural aloe extracts contain many vitamins that provide your skin with necessary moisture and nutrients. Combined with rose fruit plant extracts, it helps to prevent dryness and roughness. My Beauty Diary Facial Mask, in a 10 count pack, has a natural seaweed ferment complex, rich in amino acids and trace elements, that help to penetrate deep into the skin for greater moisturizing and nourishing effects. The biotechnologically extracted hyaluronic acid in My Beauty Diary Mask is a highly effective moisturizer that will keep the skin hydrated and smooth as silk. This mask is recommended for use on normal skin and especially recommended for damaged skin. This easy-to-use mask is designed to refresh, restore and bring back smoothness to damaged skin.”

Boy. That description makes it sound like a miracle! Let’s check it out.


As shown before, My Beauty Diary masks all come with a plastic backing. As with the bird’s nest mask, there was too much serum on the sheet so I squeezed some of it back into the package; there is enough in there for three more uses! Again, I really need to buy dry mask sheets to reuse all this serum, but I’ve been applying it with my fingers as an essence, which works nicely.


A bit embarrassed to be posting my bad skin, which is parched today. Hopefully the aloe will help.


The mask sheet is thin, so be careful not to rip it. however, I’ve found that the sheets stay on your face better when they’re thin, so as long as you’re careful, it’s better. It fits my face well enough, but there are a few folds to get it to stick right.


30 minutes later, I grew a zz top beard. I knew I shouldn’t have had that extra cup of coffee.

Lame jokes aside, my skin had absorbed almost all of the product, which is why the mask was falling off. This is a good sign! That means it really penetrated my skin to give me well-needed moisture. I found that with the bird’s nest mask, it just sat on top of my skin.


: O whoa. This mask made my skin look so beautiful. It was soft, supple, and the red puffiness went away. I felt so refreshed after using this too, and I think I’ll try keeping a pack or two in the fridge for even more refreshment. This mask pretty much reversed every bad thing I’ve done to my skin over the last few days. I’m pretty amazed. Better yet, hours later, my skin still feels awesome. I don’t even need to put on moisturizer. So this mask gets a yes! I’ll be buying a full box of these when I can, and I highly recommend you do too. For $13 a box [10pc] plus all of the extra serum you get in each pouch, it’s really worth it.

Rating: 5/5

Would I buy again? ASAP.


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