The DIY Ultimate Detox Bath


You can’t deny that a good bath renews and resets your body. Some people hate baths, claiming that it’s like bathing in your own filth, but I don’t use a bath to wash up. The bathtub is my ritual vessel, a place where I can soak my stressed-out muscles and mind. The only thing that one-ups a hot bath? A hot detox bath.

I am a firm believer in using oils as a way to renew the body. Growing up poor, a bath was pure luxury. We’d go over to my grandma’s house, fill the tub with epsom salts, and dip our bodies in the hottest water we could stand. Our family vacation was to drive to Desert Hot Springs for a day and soak in crowded tubs of mineral water. So in turn, I have a very loving relationship with the bath.

I’ve tried tons of different remedies; bubbles, soaks, salts, powders. But only two remain the most effective for me. The first being a store-bought bath product, Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. This stuff is NO JOKE the most relaxing and detoxing bath additive I’ve ever used. You will be exhausted after the bath, as your body just sweats like crazy to get all the toxins out. It isn’t expensive; But sometimes I need a DIY fix when I don’t want to wait for an Amazon delivery.

That brings us to today’s recipe. After much trial and error, I’ve figured out the best additives for an effective detox bath. The recipe is as follows:


Ultimate Detox Bath:

With water running, dump in your bath-

1/2 cup of Baking Powder

1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

6-8 drops Eucalyptus Oil

5-7 drops Rosemary Oil

2-3 drops Ginger Oil

2-3 drops Wintergreen Oil


I know you’re figuring that you don’t keep essential oils on hand. But you should. They aren’t expensive, and you can get the real stuff off of ebay. I payed no more that $5 a bottle and they have served me well for over a year. I highly recommend stocking up on them.

So let’s go through the ingredients and why they help detox the body.

1. Baking Powder and Apple Cider Vinegar- For pH balance. These two help to balance out any bacterial infections, yeasts, or candida symptoms that may or may not be showing themselves. Really helpful for yeast infections, fungal issues, and eczema.

2. Eucalyptus Oil- To clear the mind [and the sinuses!]. You know that minty smell in Vick’s Vaporub? It’s eucalyptus! If you don’t get any other essential oils, then at least get this one. It is ever useful. When you’re sick, soak a piece of sponge in the oil and let hot water run over it while you shower for a sinus-clearing steam. The effects include clear mind, anti-bacterial, and energizing.

3. Rosemary Oil- To increase blood-flow and relieve aching muscles. Rosemary Oil can be applied to skin to help toothaches, headaches, muscle aches, and to increase hair growth by application to the scalp. This is the work-horse of the muscle relief in this recipe.

4. Ginger Oil- To detox. Ginger Oil will cause you to sweat quite a bit, so be careful of how much you add. It is a heating oil [ever eat a piece of fresh ginger? It’s hot!] and it will draw toxins out from your pores via sweat, then destroy them with it’s massive anti-bacterial qualities.

5. Wintergreen Oil- Anti-inflammatory. Wintergreen is known to relieve achy muscles, reduce swelling, alleviate menstrual cramps, and improve digestion [if taken orally]. It is an awesome do-it-all oil that really does help with bodily aches and pains.

This soak really does help, especially for flu/colds. The bath water should be as hot as you can handle it to better open up tense areas. Make sure to test out all oils on a small patch of skin first, as some of these can cause severe reactions.

Enjoy your bath : 3


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