Review: Dermal Vitamin Collagen Essence Mask


This was a sample sent to my in my most recent haul from Koreadepart. After being very happy with Dermal’s Gold Essence Mask, I was very excited to try this. It seemed that my cat felt the same way, as she bit right into the pretty lady’s face and dragged the packet across the floor. She did this to other samples too :<


Sooo I had to use it before it dried out. Oh well.


The mask claims to be brightening and moisturizing. Plenty of product, but not as much serum as you get with the ‘My Beauty Diary’ Masks. These are much cheaper though, at about fifty cents per mask.


I’m not as fond of the mask shape as I’d like to be. Since it is a Korean brand, I can’t be upset about in not fitting my face. It has nice little eye flaps so your baggy eyes will be covered too!


Skin before [I’ll admit that I used the freeman polishing mask, which always makes my face look great]


Annnnd after. ACK. Why does this keep happening? I think the problem might be with brightening masks, which for people with darker skin, would be great! But because I have thin, pale skin, this made me look sallow, darkened the bags under my eyes, and surprisingly made my acne show up more. What’s worse is that it made my skin super oily a few hours later. Oy. I’ll stick to their gold essence mask, which is super awesome.

Rating: 1/5

Would I buy again? No.


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