Spring into Neutrals!


Did you like the title? I didn’t either, it was fucking stupid. Oh my god all of the ‘spring’ puns. Spring into this! Spring has sprung! Look, we can make plays on words, we’re a bunch of twits!

Whoa, chill out Sam.

I personally have a serious problem with wearing nothing but neutral clothing. I have close to no color in my wardrobe because I simply like to have the option of mixing all of my pieces. I also think that black is slimming, brown is classic, and white goes with every god damn thing on the planet. Especially ketchup stains. So when spring hits, I look at my closet and wonder how I’ll look any different than I did in winter. I proudly exclaim “LESS LAYERS.” then proceed to layer a dress over tights and a cardigan over that because my knees and elbows look like pompeii victims. So that won’t work. A good solution for the fashionable introvert is accessories. Brightly colored pieces here and there aren’t too loud to send you screaming for the black Joy Division T-shirt you wear everyday of your life. [That was self-directed….]

Without further ado, I’ve put together a few outfits that I can’t afford, but that look lovely, in my opinion. Also, All outfits are plus-sized for my lovely curvy ladies, but all clothes also come in regular sizes : ) The top photo contains black skinny jeans from yoursclothing.co.uk, Nine West’s Valcaria Riding Boots, Dahlisha Earring from zalando.co.uk, Kate Spade Via Limoni wristlet, Quay Round Sunglasses from Asos.com, and Chiffon Blouse from H&M.


H&M Plus Size Pleated Skirt, Mossimo Plus Size Long Sleeve Sweater, Moschino Leather Loafers, Charlotte Olympia Clutch


Denim shirt and leggings from Target, River Island Beanie, Wildfox Sunglasses, Forever21 boots

Happy Spring, everyone!


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