Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream [and Super Collagen Essence]


This is a full size I bought from a sample that I was given in one of my older hauls. I fell in love with the stuff, and bought it up as soon as I could. This cream is actually a best-seller in Korea, especially because it’s so cheap! I only payed $11.80 for this, and it even comes with a deluxe sample bottle of super collagen essence.


Not bad, the first ingredient is collagen. The essence states that it is actually 90% collagen, though I don’t know if that is true or not.


Open the box, and you have this little illustration inside. Not sure what it says, but I think it might be advertising other products in the line.


A spatula, large tub of cream, and essence!


Starting with the essence, since you apply this before the cream! You get a decent amount of product considering that it’s a sample.


It’s essentially a thick serum. The smell is lightly floral.


The serum is refreshing an it spreads nicely.


And it absorbs almost instantly! No yucky film left on skin. On my face, I do notice a plumping effect; it doesn’t make my skin soft or anything but it does help my skin to feel supple and moisturized. On to the cream!


The tub is pretty large for the price! You get plenty of product for $11.80.



The best way to describe this is to call it a gel-cream. Exactly what I want as the weather starts getting warmer [Yes, I KNOW it’s still 13 degrees outside.] It has the same slightly floral smell of the essence. Nothing bothersome, nothing great either.


You don’t need a lot of product to cover skin. I’m guessing the whole tub will last me at least a month and a half. Yay!


The cream absorbs a little slower than the essence, but it only takes about five minutes to set in. Not bad. I really love this moisturizer and I think it may be my favorite so far! My skin is soft, supple, moisturized, and protected after wearing this cream. I really think this is a must-try. If you have drier skin [I have combination] they do make versions of this with heavier moisture. For the price, you really have nothing to lose : )

Rating: 5/5

Would I buy again? For as long as they sell it!


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