Review: Holika Holika Naked Face Long Lasting BB


And so we begin, children, on our long journey through yet another haul on which I spent too much money. I do this for my readers, not for myself of course [cough].

Ahem. So, this product is fairly difficult to find information on. As far as I know, it’s a new product. I really wanted to test it out, but the lack of reviews scared me. Once again I realized that I’m supposed to be providing the review, not looking for it. So I bought one!

Here is the little infograph that I did happen to find:


Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The jar looks very expensive. I only payed $14 at Koreadepart, so it was a great deal.


The English instructions.


Open up the box. Mini-Spatula! I love how I have a collection of tiny spatulas now.


The jar is very heavy, and it does look quite luxurious.


Upon opening the lid, they is a little safety cap to keep the foundation from getting the lid dirty.


After I pulled the lid off, I saw how thick the bb cream was. I was hoping for more of a pudding texture, but this is like a very heavy cream.


I scooped a bean sized-amount out of the jar, following the instructions.


Blurry photo! But you can still see how thick this stuff is. This is not a good sign for me, since I like more natural looking foundations.


The bean-sized amount they tell you to use? Ain’t gonna work. This stuff is so thick and hard to spread that it won’t even blend right. It sits in wrinkle, lines, and pores and makes everything worse-looking. The foundation itself is really unnatural and it makes your skin look splotchy. The color is very yellow on me, which makes dark circles look AWFUL. If you look at my nose, you can see how it made my pores show really bad.

I was expecting something much lighter from a foundation called naked face. It feels suffocating as well.


I applied it to my whole face, and you can really see how bad it looks. In comparison with my chest, my face looks like a banana. It kept creasing around my eyes as well. And after I put setting powder on it, any time I would use some facial muscle the bb cream would create a line, as if I had wrinkles. It was awful.

So this product gets a big fat no. It’s too bad because I was pretty excited about it. I am going to try using it to make a tinted moisturizer, though I have a feeling that will become splotchy too. Oh well!

Rating: 1/5

Would I buy again? Nope!


3 responses to “Review: Holika Holika Naked Face Long Lasting BB

  1. I’m surprised because Holika Holika usually has pretty good products and bb creams. This one doesn’t look too good, though. Thanks for the review on it! I would like to try their Aqua petit jelly bb cream. It’s gotten great reviews and I love the YouTube videos on it.


    • I really want to try that one! I think this product just didn’t work at all on my skin. Again, I really prefer sheer creams, or at least thinner creams so this stuff felt worse than putting mayo on my face -__- But for that reason, I think the jelly one could be great. I’m glad that I could provide a review though! Like I said, not many exist yet.


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