Review: A’pieu Soochaebit Pure Tint with Booto in ‘Strawberry’


YES I bought this because there were cute rabbits on it. You caught me. But how could anyone resist? [Okay, I’m sure a lot of people could, buuuuut….]

That isn’t the point. It’s a pretty lip tint, therefore I needed it anyway. The tint apparently contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and a bunch of fruit extracts that help to moisturize lips. I’m once again amazed at how almost every product contains some sort of skincare agent! American makeup is just waxes with color in them for the mot part.


The bottle comes with a wand in the cap, and you have to be careful not to tip over the bottle by accident. The tint is the same consistency as water, so it would be a disaster if this ended up on carpet -___- Upon opening, I got a whiff of something very familiar- I couldn’t put my finger on it. Wait. It was Welch’s grape juice! Y’know, the stuff no one drinks anymore after they turn 10 years old. I was nostalgic in a good way. It actually kind of tasted like it too!



Bare lips


Worn as a gradient lip.

I already love this stuff. It gives me a perfect and easy gradient lip effect. To get the same style, apply only to inner lip. Purse your lips to even out the color. It’s very moisturizing, too.


Worn on full lip.

This is only one layer, but the color builds with more layers. It’s very natural looking, a perfect dark pink.


Full lip + gradient.

This is my favorite look. It’s a nice twist on the more mature look of full lipstick; the gradient in the middle makes it a younger, fresher look. Perfect for spring!

I really like this tint. The color is gorgeous and it blends really well. My two complaints: You have to reapply ever hour or so if you are eating/drinking/doing anything but lying down. It still leaves a tint on your lips, but you’ll lose a lot of color. I didn’t mind reapplying though, the liquid was refreshing and I enjoyed putting it on. The other complaint is that it gets on your teeth when you apply it. It seeps into your mouth and gives you red teeth -_- I kind of avoided this by putting my tongue behind my lips while applying. Once it dries though it doesn’t transfer.

Rating: 4/5

Would I buy again? I’d like to buy more shades!


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